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About Stephanie Carter


With a mind that is always racing, and a work ethic that is unrivaled, Stephanie has been imagining the perfect outfit since the first grade. But when nearly 20 years of experience and searching failed to meet her expectations, she poured a life's worth of talent, experience and passion into creating her own clothing line (Judith March) where she now relishes the opportunity to bring her imagination to life on a daily basis.

Born and raised in Brundidge, Alabama, Stephanie began tinkering with her outfits as early as kindergarden. Her mom encouraged her daughter's fierce creative side and fostered a childhood of painting, designing, modeling, music and dance. In the third grade, Stephanie began painting and selling ceramics at local arts and crafts shows and found the experience exhilarating.

She continued to chase that feeling and when she was 21 years old she sold her mustang for $4,OOO and started her own clothing retail business called Deja Vu. Brimming with ambition and determination, she hit the road and began selling young women's apparel at Alabama country clubs and sorority houses from Auburn to Tuscaloosa. With an uncanny eye for fashion and a devotion to customer satisfaction, Stephanie soon found herself with a loyal following. Fast-forward to today and Stephanie oversees and owns three Florida boutiques in Panama City, Seaside, and Key West, as well as a boutique in Fairhope, Alabama.
Despite being surrounded by the latest and greatest styles in young women's apparel, Stephanie often found herself wanting more for both her and her customers. Never one to sit on the sidelines, she invested all of her talent, experience and passion into launching her clothing line, Judith March, in 2009. With her adventures in retail to inform her, Stephanie designs her one-of-a-kind prints and styles, not for the runways but for her beloved customers.

"Fashion will continue to be inspired by the classic styles of yesterday with a forward thinking edge that can keep up with today's women." - Stephanie Carter

Whether it is a blanket hanging on a clothesline or the way a Jazz musician holds a note, Stephanie finds inspiration in everything. When a style or print doesn't exist, she just creates it. And when she's not stealing a walk along the beach with her 3-year-old son, Fox, Stephanie is busy designing styles she knows will make a girl's heart race.